Residential Land

Working with landowners

Land brings opportunity. Without it, we cannot build!

We have 20 years of experience of acquiring land from and working alongside landowners and pride ourselves on our straight talking, no nonsense approach when it comes to structuring land deals.

Land deals can be complex and for those who do not work in the land market, it can sometimes be difficult to understand how sensitive land values can be to certain factors.

We understand land and like to keep things simple and clear when it comes to negotiating acquisitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently in the market for buying land?
Our land acquisition programme is both continuous and considered. We remain constantly alert to acquisition possibilities and would be happy to discuss any opportunities that you consider appropriate, and even those you don’t.
Are you only interested in land which has planning permission?
No. We will consider land opportunities with or without planning permission. For those opportunities without planning permission, we endeavour to come back to landowners within 7 days with our initial opinion on the prospects of the land being granted planning permission (whether that be in the short, medium or long term).
How can a sale to Beck add value to the land?
Drawing on extensive experience of the property market we can identify opportunities that others may miss, recognising the hidden value in a site and acting decisively to realise its full potential. Intelligent, creative design yields results that not only transform a site, but also add significant tangible value, bringing a better price for the landowner.
Do you have funds available to purchase land quickly?
Beck has cash funds readily available to secure land opportunities at very short notice. A close relationship with the financial services market via our sister company affords us the financial experience and agility to arrange deals that are both transparent and robust. We respond quickly and treat each opportunity on its own merits. Leveraging this specialist expertise and support structure we can arrange a highly efficient transfer with as little inconvenience to the landowner as possible.
Will the land be developed into a place that I can be proud of?
Our commitment to responsible practice, sympathetic development and sustainable communities gives our landowners the confidence and peace of mind that the site will be redeveloped respectfully, complementing and enhancing its wider environment. For the homeowner, this commitment is translated into tangible added value: an inspiring space to live in and the peace of mind that the property has been developed ethically and intelligently.
Do you have any testimonials from previous landowners?
Our core values of honesty, integrity and transparency are at the heart of everything we do from purchasing land to selling the final plot on every development. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with the landowners we have bought from in the past. Testimonials are available upon request – furthermore – we dare say that many past landowners would be more than happy to give verbal references and vouch for our professionalism and trustworthiness.